Founded in 1985, YOGO is one of the earliest Chinese IP firms offering both local and foreign services. We have always been striving for professionalism, efficiency and reliability in our work. Our profession involves application and registration of patent, trademark, copyright and other types of work in Intellectual Property.

Upon the traditional services, we undertake various complex tasks and projects in relation to research and utilization of IP trends and government policies, legal advice and litigation, and supervision of IP strategies for organizations. Besides, we also offer a variety of other legal services, including customs record and exhibition rights.


Our patent attorneies, engineers and lawyers come from many different backgrounds and industries, including computing, machinery, electronics, telecommunication, physics, petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy, light industry, food, pharmaceutical, biology and many more.


Hundreds of staff are always prepared to make sure your issue is analyzed and responded in a minimal time.


Most of the operations in IP are often long-lasting, varying from months to multiple years. YOGO was born along with the publication of the Patent Law of the People's Republic of China, we have been guarding the rights of our clients in all these years and demonstrated our professionalism in every single case.


Based in Guangdong, partnering with domestic and overseas clients

Currently, YOGO is constituted by Guangzhou YOGO Patent & Trade Mark Agency Limited Company, Guangdong YOGO Trade Mark Agency Limited Company and Guangdong YOGO Law Firm. Our headquarter possesses over 2,200 meter square of work area and settles at the Tianhe CBD of Guangzhou, one of the largest cities in China.

YOGO specifically sets up IP agencies at colleges, such as Sun Yat-sen University, South China University of Technology and Hunan University of Technology. We have distributed offices and organizations in the majority of cities in Canton and also other provinces. We also launched an experimental base for education and collaboration with South China Agricultural University and Huizhou University.

YOGO has built an IP service framework to treat Guangdong as foundation and offer nationwide service coverage. Meanwhile, we are on our way towards forming a global IP service system. We have established long-term partnership with other domestic and foreign IP related organizations from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Chinese Taiwan, Japan, Europe, United States, Korea, Australia, South Africa, and Latin America.


YOGO focuses on talent development and consistently possesses a team of highly experienced, specialized and motivated IP professionals. YOGO comprises over 200 staff, including executives, patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, foreign attorneys, IP judicial experts, lawyers and personnel responsible for project management and business process management. Almost 100% of our staff offers scientific services, and over 98% of our staff have received either graduate diploma or even higher tertiary education.

YOGO has become a comprehensive legal solution provider that not only focuses on intellectual property, and we also integrate various business and other legal opportunities into our services. We are specialized in a variety of industries, involving computing, machinery, electronics, physics, telecommunication, petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy, light industry, food, pharmaceutical, biology and many more. We aim to assist our clients to achieve their goals with a broad range of professional services.


YOGO upholds the commitment ‘Integrity, responsibility, respect, professionalism’ and the belief ‘recognition, belonging, collaboration, endeavor’. We thoroughly gather our team of professionals and work with our clients in a disciplined and respectful manner. Over the past 30 years, our growth, effort and perseverance have been widely recognized and praised by clients.

YOGO has established long-term partnership with many organizations, including domestics and foreign corporations, academic institutes and colleges, and research institutions. For instance, we work closely with LG, Lesso, Desay, China Tobacco, CRRC, China Southern Power Grid, Midea, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited, BBK, Samsung, TCL, Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Sun Yat-sen University, South China University of Technology and Zhejiang University.

Yogo is diversified. We are not only serious, professional and dedicated, but also energetic, friendly and easy to talk with.

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