Our profession involves application and registration of patent, trademark, copyright and other types of work in Intellectual Property.

Upon the traditional services, we undertake various complex tasks and projects in relation to research and utilization of IP trends and government policies, legal advice and litigation, and supervision of IP strategies for organizations. Besides, we also offer a variety of other legal services, including customs record and exhibition rights.


Filing and Prosecuting Patent Applications
Patent Reexamination
Patent Operation and Financing
IP Training
Patent Strategy Planning


Copyright Registration for Computer Software
Copyright Registration for Works
Copyright Search
Copyright Licensing, Assignment
Domain Name Registration


Application for Trademark Registration
Review on Refusal
Trademark Renewal
Trademark Opposition
Cancellation for Non-Use
Trademark Licensing, Assignment and Recordal of Change
Brand Planning


Trial and Appellate Litigation
Customs Protection
Legal Counseling
Enforcing Patent Right against Infringers in Exhibition
Defending Clients in Invalidation Procedures
Preparing and Sending Cease and Desist Letter